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Marey Christmas!

Wherever you are, all my LJ friends, the black stallion wishes you a Merry Christmas. Whether you celebrate it or not, I love you all.

Against Fur Zombies

I remember.

I will never forget. Today, I am an American.

Against Fur Zombies

Awesome and Beautiful Words

This is a quotation which tanidareal posted on her LJ, in German. It is by Jim Willms, who I can't find much about.

Every time I read it the power of the words enthralls me, and deeply touches me. I have (and want) no religion, yet I don't mind the reference to god because the meaning of the words absolutely reaches into my spirit, what I am and what I care about.

They are words of utter truth. If we care about the non-humans we share our lives with, as we should, we all have responsibility. Not only to get angry about cruelty and neglect, but as individuals to do something to redress it.

In English:

I looked at all these animals...
the disposable products of human society.
I saw in their eyes of love and hope,
Fear and terror, sadness and betrayal.
And I was full of anger.
'God', I said, 'this is terrible!'
'Why do you not do something?'
God was silent for a long moment, and then he spoke softly.
'I did something', he replied. 'I have sent you'.

Jim Willms, 1999

Against Fur Zombies

A B3M on Saturday 24th April?

Roll Call! *Loud Horse Neighs*

Who would be up for a B3M this Saturday? Say meet Kings Cross about 2pm, visit interesting bits of London and generally wander, finding beer and food on the way?

Neigh, Bark, Meow or whatever if you are interested, and I will firm up the details!

Against Fur Zombies
Ornais and Dooneys Gate were killed in today's 'grand' national in the UK, a supposed nation of animal lovers. A 'harmless flutter?' A national treasure? I fu**ing think not.

RIP two horses, killed in the name of UK Sporting Heritage, the big income it brings to the bookies, the press and the exchequer and the 'fun' it brings to the nation as people have a 'harmless' flutter.

I want to vomit.

Against Fur Zombies

Black UK 'Grand' National Day

Into the black depths of despair goes Blacksnip.

Don't dare call yourself a horse lover if you are 'having a flutter on the National' tomorrow.

Against Fur Zombies

The Vileness of Humanity

Horses to Slaughter- BBC Website Article.


This is why I truly believe many humans are vile. Not all, of course not. But people who think it is acceptable to have the 'fun' of owning a living creature and then think killing them is acceptable when they can't afford them any more are vile- whether we are talking about individual owners or a whole industry.

If you take on an animal you are morally responsible for its whole life- and just discarding it and/or killing it because you can't afford it anymore is on a moral par with drowning babies in my opinion.

I'm glad the BBC are publicising this- on St Patrick's Day, no less.

Blacksnip the Thoroughbred

Against Fur Zombies

Barnsley by-election

Richly Deserved in my opinion.

That is all.

Against Fur Zombies

Thoughts on the end of RBW.

I have had some time to digest this sad news now.

First off, guys I can understand your decision and I want to say thank you so much for your incredibly hard work getting RBW to what it became. I know the amount of hard work, stress and also financial commitment involved- no one really can criticise your decision unless they were prepared to take this on themselves. I always tried to help support RBW financially with Sponsor registrations, but would never have been able to put in the time at the sharp end you guys did. I loved watching RBW grow through 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

I just can't help feeling the end of RBW is such a shame, especially when the Con really was beginning to find its feet. Had this happened 2008, 2009 it wouldn't have been such a huge surprise- but being honest it is a surprise that RBW should end now, at this stage in its development. Is it really the case that London can't have an annual fur con- with the sheer numbers of furs in the region, and the huge success (and size) of the LF meets? It's such a shame that the attendance figures didn't grow year on year as they should have, which would have been true reward for your efforts. This is the bit I have difficulty understanding- why the community didn't give you guys, and the Con, the support it deserved.

I'm glad the Boat Party, and by the sounds of it some other one day events will survive, and I wish you great success with them. But to me they are no replacement for RBW.

The UK furry community is poorer for the loss of RBW.


Against Fur Zombies

Marey Christmas from Blacksnip!

Marey Christmas to all, wherever you are!

Against Fur Zombies



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