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blacksnip's Journal

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*Whickers, and trots over to sniff your nostrils cautiously*

Hi, I'm Blacksnip the Thoroughbred stallion. That's my name and what I am. Friends just call me Blacksnip, and I'm sure you'll be my friend once we've sniffed each other's nostrils a bit more *sniff, sniff, squeal!, sniff, sniff*. Yup, that's fine. You're no threat. Welcome to my herd!

Well, as you no doubt have realised ('specially after all the sniffing), I am a large black Thoroughbred non-anthropomorphic stallion. I'm a fur (having realised this eventually not so very long ago, when I discovered that furs did not all have to be anthro!), and my furriness is my way of expressing my closeness to my life's great passion, the horse. You're most likely to meet me at London Fur meets, and I may be in my human form, or I may be wearing something more equine =: 8) Like most stallions, I'm bisexual. I'm a pretty approchable horse, and I tend to take people as I find them. And furs, I find, tend to be great!

Gimme a whicker if you want to chat! You can comment on my LJ entries, drop me an email to blacksnipthoroughbred@googlemail.com, or find me on Yahoo Messenger as blacksnip.